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Friday, June 24, 2011

.:. Allergic Reaction .:.


Harini bertukar profesyen ke arah ke'doctor'an pulak.. Sebenarnya sekadar mahu berkongsi.. It is about allergic reaction.

Allergic reaction caused by sensitivity to certain substances, allergens, contacted with skin, eyes, nose, etc.., swallowed to lung, or injected. It happens when immune system of your body 'thinks' that the substance is an ALIEN. These reactions are predictable, and rapid, usually after a few minutes, or hours. It is form of hypersensitivity, which is Type 1. Allergic reaction is common and harmless unless it comes to what they called as anaphylaxis (whole body allergic reaction that lead to breathing difficulty).

Allergic reaction can begin at any age, its unexpected. The symptoms are many, like hives, itchy, redness of eye, sneezing and hay-fever. The most common symptom is hives (swelling and itching affect part of the body).

Hives are usually an allergic reaction to food that contain protein like fish and peanut or medicine. Treatment may not be needed if the hives are mild. They may disappear on their own. To reduce itching, you have to avoid from hot bathes or shower, avoid irritating with tight fitting clothing and take antihistamines.

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