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Friday, August 16, 2013

.:. LL.B: Checked .:.

Salam, happy eid mubarak everyone! :)

I am now doing my chambering-hunting. Done my LL.B, even takde la ber'flying colours', alhamdulillah masih bercolour.. huhu.. LL.B, experiences yang you could never forget. The people, the environment, the pain, the tears and segala bagai.. But still pengalaman berharga bagi sy. Precious. And you will never get it until you've been in it. Kepada adik2 junior, my suggestion, join LL.B. You'll learn a lot. Memang agak busy tak cukup tidur, makan, rehat, segalanya.. Tp semua tu worth it kalau nak compare dengan apa yang kita akan dapat at last. People would never understand you during that term, even they are also law school based, but since they are not in the LL.B itself, they could not grab it, yes, sebab diorang tak rasa the 'happiness' of staying at the firm until 6 in the morning, the topsy-turvy to finish all the files, and the assignment, and the test that is being held every weekend, and the assessment that you need to complete every week, deal with all 9 subjects which ada pecah-pecahan lagi.. For example, subject remedies, bawah subject ni ada 3 subject yang ada different class, assessment, assignment, which are contract (carry 40%), tort (40%) and bankruptcy (20%) kalau tak silap.. Ataupun NCLM dipeacahkan pada corporate (60%) and family (40%).. *Am I whinning here?* huhu.. Anyway, all the best semua. May Allah ease your future endeavor :)

The back to basic moment :)

The outing when we are starving after a long day

The tension at 2 a.m

The mooting, and the court

The firm mates

The nice sunset view in front of the office

The topsy-turvy firm

The class mates ^___^