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Monday, May 13, 2013

.:. Allah knows best .:.

Allah knows best..
I put my trust, my hope, my pray to Him. Hope for the better condition. And I pray that that day was not the last day we smiles to each other, as who we used to be. You used to call me with whatever-you-want-nickname. It could be yus, busuk, mucuk, buyung, fazzy, makcik, nenek, ustazah pilihan, and all that.. Now, its become Yush. And I know that it is not whatever-you-want-nickname.. And yes, I miss u.

That day, you came and gave me this.. Haven't eat it yet.

"We used to come to class together
Gives support to each other
And now I'm wonder
Would it only be my beautiful dream forever..?"
One thing for sure, Allah knows best.. Let's pray!