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Saturday, July 9, 2011

.:. Fireworks .:.


The end of the second week for Industrial Training.. Its tiring indeed.. Those people are so busy with their own duties and they couldn't spent their precious time to entertain us. So we just sit quietly at the library and read bulk of cases, dengan harapan tommorow we will be lucky, you know, like we can go to court and there are interesting cases.. Yes, keep dreaming Fairuz, tommorow never die. Yang kau pergi Court of Appeal tu kenapa. Memang la kes yg best pun jd bosan because they will just review the law, not the case. So people, go to High Court or lower court untuk dengar kes yang menarik, ok? :)

Sy tertarik dengan Mister Ketua Unit Contract and Medical Negligence hari ni.. He is soooo nice~ Very dramatic and he is funny.
When the mister heard that some of us are so interested to be a prosecutor, his commented  was.. "Fireworks!".
His words that I like to hear and now to quote.. "Fireworks, its fatamorgana.."
Ketahuilah, bahawa kehidupan dunia ini hanyalah permainan dan suatu yang melalaikan, perhiasan dan bermegah-megah antara kamu serta berbangga-banggaan tentang banyaknya harta dan anak...
(Al-Hadid : 20)

Fatamorgana is kecantikan yg hanya sekadar bayangan. Like this world, kekayaan, pangkat and harta are just fatamorgana. Nampak cantik, but its nothing. What I mean is if you lupa diri, and you just forget about good deed.., yes, keindahan dunia is nothing. As we are Muslim, we aim for hereafter, jadikan dunia sebagai ladang akhirat, bukan keseronokan semata..

Macam fireworks. Its so beautiful, but it will last in minute. Phiuuu, phiuuu, phiuuu.......!!!!! Habis.. Sekejap je. Kita kaya kat dunia, kalau kita tak salurkan ke jalan yg betul, kekayaan tu hanya akan jadi keseronokan yg sia-sia, its just for a while. Di akhirat nanti, kita yg akan rugi.. Naudzubillahiminzalik! Semoga kita dilindungi Allah, ameen~

Dunia ni persinggahan kan. Segalanya hanya sementara. Segala yg dikejarkan sekadar keindahan yg tidak akan kekal lama.



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